About Us


We get our name, “G2”, from a military term which indicates the gathering of intelligence in the field. On the ground research is fundamental to our investment approach, as we believe it assists us in seeking to profit from the early identification of compelling small-stock investment. These stocks, in our opinion, are often overlooked or underappreciated by larger firms since they lack trading volumes or research coverage.    

In addition to research, risk management is integral to our portfolio construction process.  We employ what we believe to be rigorous controls on both the security and portfolio levels. 

Monthly capital statements are sent to our investors generally within ten business days after month end. In addition, monthly statistical information and quarterly letters are sent to all investors. The quarterly letters provide a qualitative discussion on G2’s portfolio positioning, outlook and performance.

Our Firm

Founded by Josh Goldberg in 2009, G2 pursues an opportunistic long-short equity strategy focused on small-mid cap stocks. We see our investors as true partners and believe transparency is key to maintaining a strong relationship.  

Our aim is to generate attractive investment returns for investors over the intermediate and long-term through strict adherence to our investment and organizational principles. We seek to make G2 a long-term, sustainable business and are committed to attracting talented professionals and using appropriate resources to support G2’s investment program and the operational and non-investment needs of the business and its investors.

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